Bringing Up Baby

Written by: Ray Davies

Published by: DavRay Music Ltd./Sony ATV Music Publishing

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Little baby, standing at the window crying
Mama, I don't wanna go out there
There's so many wild girls in here
It's a cotton wool world
One of these days you're gonna look back on this time
At barbie dolls who always smile
Old teddy bears stood up in a line
Mickey mouse club generation it's your time

Papa, what are we becoming?
Do I have to go along with all this calculation?
Help me, where's the medication?
Sometimes you're gonna look back on this day
That changed your life in a positive way
Headlines cry out, bring to national attention
Little girl saved by rock and roll intervention

Oh can it be?
Every day is a new revelation
Growing up's tough when you're ever so impatient

Baby, standing at the window
Wondering, where does everyday go?
Moments snap like a photograph
Baby you're growing up so fast
Cartoons, e-mail, mobile phones
Boys come around now she's leaving home
You're sad for a while then you start to glow
She's gotta rock and roll playing on the car radio

But oh can it be?
Baby boomers look at your kids
They throw away nearly everything you wanna give
Reject you now but surprise you one day
Bringing up baby's always been that way

Daddy, don't you feel blue now?
I am looking after you now
Look at me, see how much I've grown
I won't leave you here all alone
One day I'm gonna raise my kids
Bringing up baby just like you did
Coming back home with all good intentions
Bringing you a rock and roll intervention
Bringing up babies never been any other way

This song can be found on the following releases:

stereo mix, with The Jayhawks (3:11), recorded 2016-2018 at Konk Studios, North London
Our Country: Americana Act II 29 Jun 2018 USA Sony Music/Legacy 19075820052 CD
Our Country: Americana Act II 29 Jun 2018 USA Sony Music/Legacy 88985480301 12" vinyl 2-LP set (double album), 33 1/3 RPM
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