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 Monday, 23rd May, 2022
4:24 pm - Mark Teehan has just released a fascinating, condensed new chart which integrates the local survey data from his six KINKS' essays into a compelling Table. Mark writes, "I am pleased to present a graphic, concentrated display of the key survey data associated with the U.S. charting of The Kinks' first six singles on Reprise: The KINKS' Master Local Survey Chart. Readers now will be able to view conveniently the peak positions, their dates, and the number of weeks each record spent in the Top 10/Top 5, for those markets with sufficient surviving surveys. Fortunately, the top 25 cities are relatively well represented. The data gaps predictably have occurred mostly in smaller medium centers ranked from #26-#51, and from secondary markets ranked below #51 (some of the latter often were used as 'test' markets).

"For the first five singles, the reported peaks in relevant markets are all from available stations' surveys, with one exception—'Who'll Be The Next In Line' in the Seattle-Tacoma market, where the survey peak (#26, KJR) was matched by the Top 40 retail sales peak (#26; as reported in the 'Top Sellers' charts published by Billboard). In the case of 'A Well Respected Man,' while the vast majority of market peaks were based on stations' surveys, there were six markets where the crests were based on the Top 40 retail sales charts. In addition, one city (Washington, D.C.) displayed highs for the disc derived from both a survey and the 'Top Sellers' chart. Thís writer hopes that readers will find the Master Chart both informative and useful.

"In compiling the Master Chart, I was able to uncover new local surveys from numerous stations in many markets that had become available since the essay on 'You Really Got Me' was written back in 2016. Likewise, when the article for 'A Well Respected Man' was completed eleven years ago, there were no Tables accompanying it. Once again, now there is fresh new survey data integrated into the Master Chart, allowing fans a better opportunity to track the record's progress throughout all available markets. As additional bonus coverage for this fine song, there are partial survey results, further current insights and analysis based on new information regarding its charting, which can be found on pages 12-16 below the Master Chart."
 Tuesday, 19th April, 2022
9:17 am - Mark Teehan continues his series of comprehensive papers on the charting of Kinks songs with Who'll Be The Next In Line. Mark writes, "Here is the inside, fascinating account involving the complex U.S. charting of the cool, overlooked Kinks' tune, 'Who'll Be The Next In Line.' Featuring the result of five months of deep research, as well as keen insights provided by Doug Hinman— the foremost authority on all things Kinks— this essay will take you back to the classic Top 40 radio world in the summer of '65. The outcome is exclusive info and revelations, which will demonstrate graphically how the single was promoted against the steep, challenging odds presented by the American pop music business. For the loyal readers of my articles, you will notice a more casual, hopefully readable style and approach—no more Headers! I trust that you will enjoy my latest piece, and if you do, please spread the word. Thank you for your interest and support. As always, I appreciate the opportunity that Dave Emlen has afforded me in sharing my research and writing with you." Mark Teehan, 04/18/2022

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