Energy Fields

Written by: David R. G. Davies

Published by: Carlin Music Corp./Dimension Gate Music


What is consciousness?
Wheels of light, fields of energy
Watching the world unwind
When will we ever see
All that we've learned?
Has turned its back on us
And won't return
It churned, and blinded and burned us
Nothing around us is real
A sham, a charade, playground[?] today
Lost in illusion, we can't discern
We're living in a dream, a fantasy
Rama consciousness

Energy fields around
All that we see is unreal
Look in your heart
Don't be fooled by man's false illusions
The life[?] of the body is in the air
It's there for one happy single[?]
The whole body should be full of light
Close the eyes, penetrate the darkness
[?], the spiritual [?] of the soul

Energy fields
Dimensional shifts, energy rifts
Rifts in consciousness by the [?]

Energy fields around
Twisting light, shape, color, sound
Wake up, wake up, turn up
Essentially, man is not the mind
We are self. We are light
We are free, infinite, eternal

All we see is tumbling down

Energy fields
All around
Shimmering light, drift signs

Energy fields around
All that we see is unreal
Energy fields around
Energy fields around
All that we see is a dream
Get back
This time keep it in line

Energy fields around
Get it right, twisting light
Shifting sights

Penetrate the darkness
The spiritual center of the soul

This song can be found on the following releases:

stereo mix, special guests Dead Meadow (5:24), recorded 2013 at The Wiggle Room, Los Angeles, California
I Will Be Me 4 Jun 2013 USA Purple Pyramid Records, Cleopatra Records CLP 0496 CD
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