I Will Be Me

Release info:

Produced by: Jürgen Engler, others
Release date: 4 Jun 2013
Record label & catalog #: Purple Pyramid Records, Cleopatra Records CLP 0496
Country: USA
Format: CD
Release type: Dave Davies solo release


1. Little Green Amp   stereo mix, special guests Anti-Flag (4:35), recorded 2013 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2. Livin' In The Past   stereo mix, special guest Ty Segall (4:45), recorded 2013
3. The Healing Boy   stereo mix, special guest Yura Zeleznik (5:19), recorded 2013 at Catasonic, Los Angeles, California
4. Midnight In L.A.   stereo mix, special guest Bruce Tyner (5:14), recorded 2013 at Catasonic, Los Angeles, California
5. In The Mainframe   stereo mix, special guests The Bloody Hollies (4:20), recorded 2013
6. Energy Fields   stereo mix, special guests Dead Meadow (5:24), recorded 2013 at The Wiggle Room, Los Angeles, California
7. When I First Saw You   stereo mix, special guests Geri N and John Wesley (3:32), recorded 2013
8. The Actress   stereo mix, special guests Oli Brown Band (4:00), recorded 2013 at Superfly Studios, Ollerton Village, Nottinghamshire
9. Erotic Neurotic   stereo mix, special guests The Art (3:48), recorded 2013
10. You Can Break My Heart   stereo mix, special guests The Lost Souls Club (6:01), recorded 2013
11. Walker Through The Worlds   stereo mix (5:59), recorded 2013
12. Remember The Future   stereo mix, special guests The Jayhawks (5:43), recorded 2013 at Flowers Studio, Minneapolis, Minnesota
13. Cote Du Rhone (I Will Be Me)   stereo mix, special guest Chris Spedding (5:44), recorded 2013

Liner Notes:

Produced by Jürgen Engler (except where noted)
Mixed and masterd by Chris Lietz
All songs written and composed by David R. G. Davies and published by Carlin Music Corp. / Dimension Gate Music
Associate Producer: Kate
A&R/Artists Relations: John Lappen
Dave Davies would like to thank Anti-Flag, Ty Segall, Yura Zeleznik, Bruce Tyner, The Bloody Hollies, Dead Meadow, Geri X, John Wesley, Oli Brown, The Art, The Lost Souls Club, Jürgen Engler, The Jayhawks, Chris Spedding.

Dave Davies co-founded The Kinks in the early 1960s, sliced the speaker cone of his little green amp and unleashed a sonic revolution with his guitar sound on "You Really Got Me." Rolling Stone magazine writer Richard Skanse wrote of the period, "As a founding member and guitarist of the Kinks, Dave Davies has played an integral part on some of the finest -- and most exciting -- recordings of the rock era. His heavily distored, blitzkrieg solo on 1964's 'You Really Got Me' was the clarion call of the hard rock era." Musicologist Joe Harrington described The Kinks' influence on the hard rock and heavy metal: "'You Really Got Me,' 'All Day and All of the Night'...were predecessors of the whole three-chord genre...The Kinks did a lot to help turn rock 'n' roll into rock." In 1998, writer Bill Crowley wrote, "As lead guitarist and founder of The Kinks, Dave Davies is one of the most unpredictable and original forces in rock, without whom guitar-rock styles including heavy metal and punk would have bee inconceivable. A member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Dave's massive guitar sounds have inspired bands from Van Halen to Green Day."

Dave's new album I Will Be Me is a return to his groundbreaking guitar sound paired with his exquisite songwriting. His distinctively English voice shows off a new depth but still hits his famous high notes in this collection. The hard rocking track "Livin' in the Past" looks at an obsession with retro culture but ever the ultimate Mod, Dave surprises with the lyric, "no matter what they do or say, the future's here to stay!" He takes a look back with "Little Green Amp," a playful, punk homage to days when his jagged, blues driven sound wave ripped ahead of the British Invasion through stereos the world over. His latest collection of new songs briges themes person, social and universal. "Cote du Rhone (I Will Be Me)," an uncensored look at ugliness in the world today, is as angry and biting as any song in Dave's repertoire, with an innovative yet heavy slide guitar tone. Soothing lyrics and sounds of Jonathan Lea's sitar playing on "Healing Boy" shows Dave's sensitive side. In a recent radio interview he said, "rock music is a positive force for good." This hopeful and optimistic vision manifests throughout I Will Be Me.

Since the early days, Dave has worked on a slew of critically acclaimed records, ranging from the solo hit singles, "Death of a Clown," to experimental Kinks records like Village Green Preservation Society and Arthur as well as the classic single "Lola" in the '70s. In the '80s, Dave released experimentally prescient solo works like the eponymous album also called "AFL1-3606" after the barcode face symbol cover art. His mainstream success continued with hit Kinks albums like Low Budget and Give the People What They Want. In the '90s, he released more solo work and the compilation Unfiinished Business. The album Bug came out in 2004, and his most recent studio album Fractured Mindz was released in 2007. His tracks have been featured in films by John Carpenter and on TV shows like The Sopranos, which used his song "Living on a Thin Line." His autobiographical book Kink was well received in the mid '90s as well. In recent years, Dave has collaborated with his sons on different projects. In 2010, he worked with Russell Davies to create the hauntingly, beautiful rock electronica album, the Aschere Project. The film "Mystical Journey," directed by son Martin Davies and narrated by Dave, documents his longtime interest in the paranormal, Eastern philosophies and spirituality (the film inspired Jilien Temple's BBC documentary "Kinkdom Kome"). No matter how diverse the ambition, Dave Davies puts his heart and soul in all of his creative projects.

- Rebecca G. Wilson 2013

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