A Virgin Video Music Biography: The KINKS 1964-1984

Produced by: CCTV production

Directed by: Ray Davies, Julien Temple, etc.

Type of release: Promo video compilation

Release information:

 Date    Label       Number     Country       Format       Running Time
 ----    -----       ------     -------       ------       ------------
 1985    Virgin      VVD 254    Australia     VHS (PAL)    51 minutes


  1. Long Tall Sally
  2. Got Love If You Want It
  3. You Really Got Me
  4. All Day And All Of The Night
  5. Tired Of Waiting
  6. See My Friends
  7. Set Me Free
  8. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
  9. Dead End Street
  10. Mr. Pleasant
  11. Waterloo Sunset
  12. Death Of A Clown
  13. Village Green
  14. Starstruck
  15. Plastic Man
  16. Sunny Afternoon
  17. Lola
  18. Moneygoround
  19. Apeman
  20. Celluloid Heroes
  21. Predictable
  22. State Of Confusion
  23. Come Dancing
  24. Do It Again

Liner Notes:

THE KINKS have become known as the pop group that refused to die. Formed in 1963 in London's Muswell Hill, they were the third most successful group of the mid-1960s behind The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, but suffered from problems which threatened their very existence on an almost regular basis. Internal feuds, disputes with business associates, fading popularity and media indifference all threatened the group at various points in their still continuing career. Through all such traumas, brothers Ray and Dave Davies soldiered on. Their pioneering grasp of the possibilities of the pop video revolution went unnoticed during the 1970's, when THE KINKS made a series of stunning promotional clips which may only now receive the appreciation which they have long deserved. With vintage TV clips from the 1960s and film of live performances from various stages of the group's career, THE KINKS VIDEO BIOGRAPHY is a fascinating chronicle of the work of one of the few surviving acts of an era which has shaped pop music's direction ever since.

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