The Kinks Story

Produced by: Hughes Leisure Group

Directed by: ?

Type of release: Interviews, TV appearances, music videos

Release information:

 Date    Label                   Number     Country       Format       Running Time
 ----    -----                   ------     -------       ------       ------------
 1994    Hughes Leisure Group               Australia     VHS (PAL)    


  1. You Really Got Me
  2. Louie Louie [this is not really on the video]
  3. Clouds Will Soon Roll By [this is not really on the video, whatever it is]
  4. Got Love If You Want It
  5. Long Tall Sally
  6. Tired Of Waiting
  7. All Day And All Of The Night
  8. Set Me Free
  9. See My Friends
  10. Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
  11. Well Respected Man
  12. Sunny Afternoon
  13. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
  14. Dead End Street
  15. Mr. Pleasant
  16. Waterloo Sunset
  17. Death Of A Clown
  18. Village Green
  19. Starstruck
  20. Plastic Man
  21. Lola (Live excerpt)
  22. Moneygoround
  23. Apeman
  24. Celluloid Heroes (Live excerpt)
  25. Ordinary People
  26. Low Budget (Live excerpt)
  27. Predictable
  28. State Of Confusion
  29. Come Dancing
  30. Do It Again

Liner Notes:

No liner notes, but the video contains interviews with Ray Davies, Larry Page and Grenville Collins.
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