Come Dancing With The Kinks

Produced by: All live videos produced by Ray Davies; Chris Pye for Jon Roseman Productions

Directed by: All conceptual videos directed by Julien Temple

Type of release: Promo/live video compilation

Release information:

 Date    Label                              Number        Country   Format     Running Time
 ----    -----                              ------        -------   ------     ------------
 1986    RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video   60632           USA      VHS       35 minutes
 1992    Lightyear Entertainment            72259-75138     USA      VHS       35 minutes


  1. Come Dancing
  2. Predictable
  3. Lola (live)
  4. State of Confusion
  5. Don't Forget To Dance
  6. You Really Got Me (live)
  7. Do It Again
  8. Celluloid Heroes (live)

Liner Notes:

The Kinks have been anything but "Predictable" throughout their more than two decades together. The international hits included here range from their first Top 10 hit "You Really Got Me" through the recent "Do It Again". The songs and their clever, evocative videos explore themes familiar to all Kinks' fans: paranoia, nostalgia, sexual and societal confusion, and the Everyman. Kollect the extraordinary Kinks. And don't forget to dance.

An RCA Video Productions Presentation
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