The Kinks - Videobiography

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Type of release: Same interviews with Mick Avory, John Dalton and John Gosling (and a 1981 audio-only interview with Dave Davies) as the "In Their Own Words" DVD. Also same critic review as previous DVDs. All interspersed with some TV footage.

Release information:

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Apr. 23, 2007    Edgehill Publishing Ltd      CRP2365       UK       2 DVDs with 48 page booklet, PAL, all regions    50 & 48 minutes

Liner Notes:

This is the story of one of the most influential groups ever to come out of Britain.

This stunning double DVD and book set provides a fascinating insight into what it was like to make music with a genius. The programme turns to original drummer and longstanding band members Mick Avory, keyboardist John Gosling and bassist John Dalton to hear their thoughts, recollections and memories of time spent playing with the band.

These all new, unique interviews are interwoven with terrific archive footage -- both in the television studio and in the live environment -- from all eras of the Kinks' glorious history. In addition, a team of leading rock journalists and music critics re-assess some of the best-loved and most influential songs in pop history, making this a standout package essential not only for Kinks fans, but all lovers of great music.

· Waterloo Sunset · Sunny Afternoon · Lola
· You Really Got Me · Days
· Celluloid Heroes and more....

EDITORIAL CONTROL: This project requires totally independent editorial control. This film and book is unauthorised and is not associated or approved in any way by the Kinks or the management of the group.

NB: This DVD may highlight the limitations of the original film recordings or the source material.
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