2009 Detune release
US release
2010 Detune release

Dave Davies Kronikles - Mystical Journey

Produced by: Detune Films

Directed by: Dave Davies

Type of release: Dave Davies biography

Release information:

Date           Label               Number        Country    Format                    Running Time
----           -----               ------        -------    ------                    ------------
Oct 2009       Detune Films    (limited release)    UK       DVD, PAL, region free    106 minutes
Sep 7, 2010    E1 Entertainment   E1E-DV-4715       US       DVD, NTSC, region 1(?)   106 minutes
Sep 2010       Detune Films           ?             UK       DVD, PAL, region free    106 minutes, also includes music CD and 12-page booklet

Back Cover Notes:

The Kinks are probably one of the most important and influential forces in Rock 'n' Roll history. What were these 'forces' behind the band? Apart from the well documented and often turbulent and sometimes destructive relationship between the Davies brothers - the creative impetus and dynamic helped shape popular music and influenced music lovers from all over the world and across generations.

Mysticism has been a powerful force in music and popular culture for centuries. This film is a personal and forthright insight into the life and beliefs of Dave Davies, founder of the legendary British group the Kinks, one of the original 'rock n roll rebels' - from childhood to today. Dave reveals the forces which have shaped him: Spirituality, the occult, psychic experiences, the influence of family, his complex relationship with brother Ray, the Kinks, his solo career, the near-fatal stroke he suffered which provided added insight into the dilemma Humankind finds itself in today. With unique archive film footage, as well as a specially composed soundtrack by Dave along with some classic songs like 'You Really Got Me', 'Strangers' and 'Living on a Thin Line'.

In this documentary Dave Davies reveals himself to be not only the driving energy behind the Kinks and a notable musical innovator of our time but also a deeply Spiritual individual who has investigated and delved into the deeper mysteries of life. Dave takes us with him on a Mystical Journey that crosses the barriers of our physical reality, time and space showing us a world of alternate consciousness and Spiritual reality. Dave approaches this immense and important subject with a sense of fun and good humour.

This is Dave's own remarkable story of inner change and Spiritual insight. A Journey that starts from when as a boy his sister Rene dies. He is determined to find out more about Life after Death. Not being content with what orthodox religion has to offer, Dave embarks on this fascinating journey of personal discovery and revelation. Mentioning his many Spiritual influences and experiences with Spiritualism, the psychic world and the study of Hatha Yoga; Of coming across Swami Vivikenanda and other incredible teachers, such as Dr. George King. Investigations into the Western Esoteric Mysteries through the works of Isreal Regardie, Dion Fortune; research into Astrology and the Tarot and The Mystical Kabala; Conversations with internationally renowned psychic Dr. Richard Lawrence and respected Occultist Geraldine Beskin.

Come and experience this thought provoking and mesmerizing 'Mystical Journey'.

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