Music In Review - The Kinks 1964-1978

(also subtitled "An Independent Critical Review")

Produced by: Produced by Rachael Griffiths, Jayne Anderson

Edited and Directed by: Alexander Fyfe

Type of release: Music critics discussing the Kinks' music. Includes some video footage of the Kinks, but it is heavily edited and the critics often talk over it.

Release information:

Date           Label                                 Number      Country    Format                                              Running Time
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Jul 18, 2006   Classic Rock Productions Services Ltd  CRP1854       UK      2 DVD set with 50 page booklet, PAL, all regions    DVD 1:  51 minutes, DVD 2: 47 minutes

Liner Notes:


This is the independent critical review of The Kinks on record, on film and in concert.

Drawing on rare film from the archives this powerful reassessment of the work of The Kinks features every major release from the birth of the band through the whole of the Pye and RCA years and on to the beginning of the fruitful liaison with Arista.

A leading team of rock critics and musicologists provide penetrating insights into why the music worked so well.... and sometimes why it didn't. The 48 page full colour book includes rare photographs and a complete review of every Kinks album from 1964 to 1978 with a complete track by track analysis. This is the ultimate critical reference guide to the work of a band whose influence is still felt today.

Features You Really Got Me, Sleepwalker, No More Looking Back, All Day And All Of The Night, Life On The Road, Live Life, Misfits, Celluloid Heroes, Lola, Waterloo Sunset, Lost And Found... and many more.


EDITORIAL CONTROL: This project requires totally independent editorial control. This 2 DVD and book set is unauthorised and is not associated or approved in any way by present and past members of the Kinks or the management of the group.
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