The Kinks - The Live Broadcasts

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Type of release: Compilation of TV footage of the Kinks.

Release information:

Date           Label                                 Number      Country    
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Jun 19, 2006   Classic Rock Productions Services Ltd  CRP1854       UK      

2 DVD set with 50 page booklet, PAL, all regions    

Running Time
DVD 1:  51 minutes, DVD 2: 47 minutes

Liner Notes:

The Kinks played a leading part of the British Invasion of America. With Ray Davies' incredible song-writing talent at the helm, they soon became one of popular music's most significant bands, influencing a plethora of styles from hard rock to Britpop.

This superb DVD features rare footage of the Kinks previously unreleased on DVD, featuring their greatest hits from rare live performances from television and film archives.


EDITORIAL CONTROL: This project requires totally independent editorial control. This film is unauthorised and is not associated or approved in any way by present and past members of The Kinks or the management of the group.

[Dave's notes: this DVD is worth it for the rare footage. The only drawback is that the tops and bottoms of the footage have been cut off in order to make the video "widescreen".]
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