The Kinks - In Their Own Words

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Type of release: New interviews with Mick Avory, John Dalton and John Gosling, and a 1981 audio-only interview with Dave Davies. Interspersed with some TV footage.

Release information:

Date             Label                        Number      Country    Format                                          Running Time
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Jan. 29, 2007    Edgehill Publishing Ltd      RMS2304       UK       1 DVD with 74 page booklet, PAL, all regions    55 minutes
Mar. 13, 2007    Classic Rock Legends                       US       1 DVD with 74 page booklet, NTSC, all regions   55 minutes

Liner Notes:

"I could never get sick of playing Lola. I do it in the band I'm in now, it's a lovely, great song. Well written and at the time, totally totally different from anything else that was about."

This unique book and film review draws on archive concert film of The Kinks in performance and documentary footage from television and radio archives around the world, along with extensive interviews with former band members to produce the true story of The Kinks in their own words.

The film features frank interviews with former Kinks band members, including drummer Mick Avory, Kinks bassist John Dalton and keys player John 'The Baptist' Gosling, along with archive interviews of Dave Davies. We also hear the first hand accounts of insiders from the Kinks camp along with a team of leading journalists and musicians who help strip away the layers of sensationalism and half truths to produce the ultimate critical review of Kinks.

The 72-page book features a history of the Kinks during the early days along with a track-by-track analysis of their studio albums from 1964-1978, and is illustrated with many colour photographs.

Highlights include: Muswell Hillbilly, You Really Got Me, Lola, Waterloo Sunset, Set Me Free, Long Tall Sally, All Day And All Of The Night and more...

Featuring interviews with former band members Mick Avory, John Dalton and John 'The Baptist' Gosling

EDITORIAL CONTROL: This project requires totally independent editorial control. This film and book is unauthorised and is not associated or approved in any way by the Kinks or the management of the group.

NB: This DVD may highlight the limitations of the original film recordings or the source material.
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