Set Lists

The Kinks
Wednesday, 17th September, 1980
The Uptown Theater, Chicago, Illinois

Contributed by: Al Montgomery

1. Intro
2. Hard Way
3. Where Have all the Good Times Gone
4. Tired of Waiting
5. Catch me Now I’m Falling
6. Johnny Thunder?? (My notes say "Johnny is a Joker". I don't know what this could have been.) ["Bird Dog" -Dave]
7. Lola
8. Lola Reprise
9. Low Budget
10. Superman
11. Imaginations Real
12. See My Friends
13. You Really got Me
14. Gallon of Gas
15. Celluloid Heroes
16. All Day and all of the Night
17. Attitude
18. Pressure
19. Twist and Shout
20. ?? (My notes say "Didn't People like to Rock"?. Again, I don't know what this could have been.) ["Give The People What They Want" -Dave]
21. David Watts

The stand out for me was Celluloid Heroes. As usual Ray had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

Contributed by: Greg

They did the Everly Brothers song Bird Dog in their encore. It was a great concert--the Aussie band Angel City opened the show.
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