Set Lists

The Kinks
Sunday, 10th April, 1983
Chick Evans Field House, Dekalb, IL

Contributed by: Al Montgomery

1. Around the Dial
2. State of Confusion
3. Hard Way
4. Catch Me Now I'm Falling
5. Destroyer
6. Yo-yo (with Hand Jive)
7. Come Dancing
8. Don't Forget to Dance
9. Lola
10. David Watts
11. Art Lover
12. Back to Front
13. Gallon of Gas
14. Labor of Love
15. Celluloid Heroes
16. Till the end of the day
17. ?? (it was probably an old one that I did not know at the time)
18. All Day and all of the Night

E: Pressure
Low Budget

EE: You Really Got Me
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