Set Lists

Ray Davies and Pete Mathison
Thursday, 6th November, 1997
Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Contributed by: Al Montgomery

As I look back at my notes from the show I must not have written all of the songs down. Therefore this is a partial listing of the show. The following is a direct copy of my notes:
1. X-Ray
2. Stop your Sobbing
3. Art School Babe
4. It's All Right
5. A Well Respected Man
6. Dedicated Follower of Fashion
7. Julie Finkle
8. You Really Got Me
9. Waterloo Sunset

After the show Pete and Ray went to the "Safe House" for a stout. My friend and I met them there, I got Ray to autograph my set list and spoke with him for a bit. I could have died a happy man that night.
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