Set Lists

Ray Davies and Band
Saturday, 29th March, 2008
Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Contributed by: John Nagle

I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Where Have All the Good Times Gone
Till the End of the Day
After the Fall
Well Respected Man
Apeman (abridged version)
Next Door Neighbour
Celluloid Heroes
The Tourist
Working Man's Cafe
20th Century Man
(end of first set)

This is Where I Belong (abridged version)
In a Moment
One More Time
Vietnam Cowboys
Real World
No one Listen
Sunny Afternoon
Come Dancing
Tired of Waiting for You
Set Me Free
All Day and All of the Night

Low Budget

-I saw Ray at the Wiltern in the summer of 06; While last night's show was great (the setlist was probably even better than the show in '06), it lacked the energy of the '06 show. Ray just did not seem as pumped up as he was in '06. I think this can be attributed to the Wiltern setting up seats on the floor this time round rather than having it standing room only. We rushed the stage for Where Have All the Good Times Gone and Till the End of the Day, only to have the Wiltern security make us and other enthused Ray fans return to our seats. Note to the Wiltern: MAKE THIS SHOW STANDING ROOM ONLY NEXT TIME!
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