Set Lists

The Kinks
Sunday, 21st June, 1987
Stanley Theater, Utica, New York

Contributed by: Dave Emlen

Do It Again
Low Budget
Come Dancing
Clichés Of The World (B Movie)
Working At The Factory
Think Visual
Sleezy Town
Lost And Found
The Hardway
Living On A Thin Line
All Day And All Of The Night
I Gotta Move
Give The People What They Want
You Really Got Me

Contributed by: Bill Hayes

1987 became my most memorable Kinks year due to what I thought was a
fantastic concert at the Stanley Theater in Utica NY on Ray's birthday (20
June I believe, I'm sure I will be corrected if I'm wrong). At the door they
gave out slips saying for all to sing happy birthday to him at some point. I
got second row seats, which were the best I had of 5 concerts I was able to
make it to. My goofy cousin tried to get up on stage during Come Dancing and
dance and I think it was Dave who pushed him back. It was very special to be
that close to the boys and I savored every moment of it.

I had a feeling it might be my last chance to see them live, which has
proved to be the case. I had just graduated from college and commissioned in
the Navy, where I have been ever since. Unfortunately, most of the areas
I've been stationed have not been close to Kinks or Ray and Dave venues,
although I almost made it to see Dave in Richmond last year. I also almost
made the drive to Syracuse to see Dave and that was the concert that ended
up getting cancelled at the last minute a few years ago.
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