Set Lists

The Kinks
Saturday, 27th February, 1982
Nihon Seinenkan, Tokyo, Japan

Contributed by: MRG

The Kinks
Nihon Seinenkan
Tokyo, Japan

1. Opening
2. Around The Dial
3. The Hard Way
4. Where Have All The Good Times Gone-Tired Of Waiting For You
5. Come On Now
6. Destroyer
7. Yo-Yo
8. Tokyo
9. Lola
10. Low Budget
11. Superman (incl. Shakin' All Over)
12. Celluloid Heroes

1. Till The End Of The Day
2. Bernadette
3. All Day And All Of The Night
4. Give The People What They Want
5. Pressure
6. Stop Your Sobbing-David Watts
7. You Really Got Me
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