Set Lists

Ray Davies and Band
Sunday, 6th May, 2007
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland

Contributed by: Davy/G12

I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Till The End Of The Day
After The Fall
Well Respected Man
Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
Nex Door Neighbour
The Tourist
Celluloid Heroes
20th Century Man
No-One Listened
Come Dancing
Village Green
I Go To Sleep
Sunny Afternoon
Dead End Street
Tired Of Waiting
Set Me Free
All Day And All Of The Night
---encore 1---
A Long Way From Home
The Getaway
You Really Got Me
---encore 3---
Waterloo Sunset

After watching the Arsenal - Chelsea game with my mate Puff, we headed to the concert about 7.40, got there for 7.50 and bumped into El Kabong himself, Frank Lima. He gave me a God Save Ray Davies Badge, and we said goodbye leaving to get to our seats for 8pm.

Ray came on to the a good ovation, I'll go through the tracks separately.:

I'm Not Like Everybody Else - A good version, a song that always lets the fans know exactly what the're in for.

Where Have All The Good Times Gone - the first real singalong, Ray really enjoyed it, stopping half way throough to say "Hello Glasgow" then BANG, right back into it.

Till The End Of The Day - "Thanks, Where Have All The Good Times Gone eh, did you all vote last week? What do you think of the SNP? (Boos and cheers resound) HA! Thought so! I recorded that song with my band, can't say the name, it's a 10 pound fine. This was also recorded by The Kinks..SHIT, there goes a tenner" Good version, nothing really great, but some nice singalongs.

After The Fall - "This song is about coming back from the abyss.....and I don't mean East Fife" Good version with some soaring vcals, his voice is obviously well rested.

Well Respected Man - The singalong of the night, Ray stopped about 3 or 4 times to let the audience sing, we also got some "Way-OOOO" action here!. Milton was on fire in this track.

Dedicated Follower Of Fashion - solo acosutic, of course got a marvellous reception.

Next Door Neighbour - "This is dedicated to Scotland's own Gordon Brown." Ray had a ball in this one, "You threw the telly out the window, just like Keith Moon" being a nice little aside! And of course, he ran off with a Glaswegian blonde!

The Tourist - "I'm very proud of this intro, it's funky" Ray was jumping all over the place in this tracks, but it wasn't a great version.

Celluloid Heroes - The highlight of the night, Karin and Milton's backing vocals were spot on. This was Ray at his best, his voice going as high as it could without ever cracking. Perfect.

20th Century Man - "When I was young, my father told me never to vote Conservative (massive cheers in left-wing Scotland) and this song is kind of my political effort" This seemed to be about 8 minutes long, he just would not let go, it was BRILLIANT from start to finish! Intermission.

No-One Listened - Ahh, the newbie. It's got the rage of 20th Century man, and the rhythym of The Tourist. It was dedicated to the DA of New Orleans and the American Healthcare system. Could be a favourite on the next album.

Come Dancing - The second this started, two lassies started dancing ALL over the front row, Ray was interacting with them and loved it, I was dissapointed that the bridge "part of my childhood died" part was left out.

Village Green - Milton on acoustic, it was not a great version, but an OK one.

I Go To Sleep - I was thinking the worst of Milton after this, he just is not an acoustic player in the way Pete M or Mak J were. It was nice to hear it again, Ray's voice was lovely, but the playing (from all the band, not just Milton) was pretty dull.

Sunny Afternoon - The usual, Ray lets the audience take the fall on the high notes, always a crowd pleaser.

Dead End Strret - Milton's best playing of the night, he was FANTASTIC throughout this song, the audience were strangely subdued for this thouh, I was singing along regardless. Ray was having fun here.

Tired Of Waiting - He mentioned Dave here, and The Kink (Fuck, that's a 50 quid fine". A good version, if not anything more.

Set Me Free - Nice and tender, if a little short.

All Day And All of The Night - Dedicated to "Dave 'Death Of A Clown" Davies, and of course, it rocked the house out. Blistering.

A Long Way From Home - "Another song about me and mine, my brother Dave" - a warm if overlong reading of a nice song.

The Getaway - liked this as much as most of OPL, but it worked live really well. Karin's vocals were up in the mix, and very good too.

Lola - He introduced this with a story about his junkie neighbours in New Orleans, which verged on casual racism at parts! Some of the crowd went of their heads at this song, things wer flying all over.

Days - A very unsteady acapella intro, which gradually built up into acoustic, and with Milton, stadium rock. Another HUGE singalong.

You Really Got Me - OK, we got the SAME old intro again, the amp, the dog, the shouts, but it still closed the show perfectly.....or so I thought.

Waterloo Sunset - "I haven't told anyone I'm gonna play this" It seemed to be Ray just saying "To hell with it" and playing another for the fans. Interestingly, the audience didnt sing with Ray, but sang the harmony part! Soooo good.

With a standing ovation, he was off! Haste Ye Back Ray!
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