Set Lists

Ray Davies and Band
Sunday, 16th July, 2006
Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Contributed by: John Nagle

1. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
2. Where Have All the Good Times Gone
3. After the Fall
4. All She Wrote
5. 20th Century Man
6. Next-Door Neighbour
7. Creatures of Little Faith
8. Over My Head
9. Run Away from Time
-At this point, Ray began to go through some of the paper plates with requests written on them. He sang a bit of Victoria, Sleepwalker, and Gallon of Gas (all a cappella).
10. Harry Rag (a cappella)
11. Sunny Afternoon
12. Deadend Street
13. Things Are Gonna Change
-Ray sings the first line of "Muswell Hillbillies".
14. Till the End of the Day
15. Oklahoma USA
16. Celluloid Heroes
17. The Tourist
18. All Day and All of the Night
1st Encore:
19. A Long Way from Home
20. The Getaway
21. Tired of Waiting for You
22. Set Me Free
23. You Really Got Me
2nd Encore:
24. Low Budget
-Fantastic Show! The best I've seen. I somehow managed to have Ray sign my copy of X-Ray in between You Really Got Me and Low Budget. Thanks Mr. Davies and keep writing and rocking.

Contributed by: Steve

I have enjoyed your website for years. Thank you.

I was at The Wiltern and witnessed a special show. John's setlist is accurate and comprehensive, as usual, but we should add "Alcohol" as a tease prior to "Things Are Gonna Change."

My other comment is that after the final encore, Ray didn't seem to want to leave the stage. He called his bandmates out for a bow. They seemed surprised he did that. After they left, Ray shook hands and kind of wandered around the stage. I was praying he would pick up his guitar for one more song...


Contributed by: John Nagle

Thanks Steve. I was a little intoxicated when submitting the setlist last night, so I neglected to include the Alcohol tease.
It was indeed a special show from a special guy. In 1996 at the age of 16, I took an interest in the Kinks...learned to play and sing just about every song I could (many thanks to Dave's website for the extensive list of guitar chords). This was by far the best show I've Steve said, something very special. Made me want to get my ass in gear w/ my own music career.

Contributed by: Sarah Hanley

I think I would object to the Alcohol tease. I've seen recordings of a few of the other NAm dates, and, really, any time Ray mentions booze the crowd goes wild in anticipation of the Muswell Hillbilly track. Of course, it's entirely intentional; and I think he seemed a bit pleased with the pit-crowd crowing for him to put a bottle on his head in typical Hillbilly-era fashion. But, his bit about alcoholism is the standard opening for Things Are Gonna Change, at least insofar as this tour is concerned.

Also, a tad bit disappointed at the lack of VGPS and Arthur... tracks, but the new album was done a tremendous justice. A terrific pair of encores, and I concur about the band being surprised by his graciousness. Although he does have three additional dates before he returns to Europe, it felt sentimental and powerful, like a parting. One would hope not forever.
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