Set Lists

Ray Davies and Band
Saturday, 15th July, 2006
Spreckels Theatre, San Diego, California

Contributed by: John Nagle

1. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
2. Where Have All the Good Times Gone
3. After the Fall
4. Next-Door Neighbour
5. Creatures of Little Faith
6. Over My Head
7. Run Away from Time
8. Harry Ray (a cappella)
-teased the crowd w/ the first line of "Alcohol"
9. Apeman
10. Sunny Afternoon
11. Dead End Street
12. Things Are Gonna Change
-pretended like he was going to play "Where Have All the Good Times Gone" again
13. Till the End of the Day
14. Oklahoma USA
15. Celluloid Heroes
16. The Tourist
17. All Day and All of the Night
1st Encore:
18. A Long Way from Home
19. The Getaway
20. You Really Got Me
2nd Encore:
21. Low Budget

-Great show (even though he left out Waterloo Sunset and Days). Can't wait to see him again tomorrow night in L.A.
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