Set Lists

Ray Davies and Band
Saturday, 1st April, 2006
Vic Theatre, Chicago, Illinois

Contributed by: Michael O'Malley

1 I'm Not Like Everybody Else
2 Where Have All The Good Times Gone
3 Till The End Of The Day
4 After The Fall
5 20th Century Man
(Ray called this an interesting transit, and dedicated "Oklahoma USA" to his sister Rosie)
6 Oklahoma USA
7 Village Green
8 Picture Book
9 Big Sky
10 Sunny Afternoon
11 Deadend Street
12 Next Door Neighbor
13 Creatures Of Little Faith
14 Ape Man
15 Over Of My Head
16 The Tourist
17 Low Budget
18 Stand Up Comic
19 Things Are Gonna Change (The Morning After)
20 Harry Rag
21 Alcohol
22 This Is Where I Belong
23 Long Way From Home (Dedicated to Dave Davies)
24 The Getaway (Lonesome Train)
25 Tired Of Waiting
26 Set Me Free
27 All Day And All OF The Night
28 Days
29 Lola
30 You Really Got Me
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