Set Lists

Ray Davies, Bill Shanley and The 88
Monday, 15th March, 2010
Liberty Hall , Lawrence, Kansas

Contributed by: Joe Pazera

I recently found my song list - 1- This is where I belong; I Need You; Where have all the good times gone; Victoria; 20th century man; the tourist; ape man; two sisters; hairry rag (I think this was an abbreviated version); see my friends; I'm not like everybody else; too much on my mind; well respected man; sunny afternoon; I think this was the name of the song - postcards from London. I think they finished up with tired of waiting, all day and all of the night and I think the encore was Lola. What makes this show special was during a break I had yelled out God's Children and Ray acknowledged this and told the crowd he and band had talked about performing that song earlier in the day. After the show as Ray was leaving and fans were asking for autographs I yelled out God's Children and he came over and shook my hand and said "you're the one who said that." Ray said that him and Bill had talked about adding that to the show but they hadn't had enough time to go over it. Overall it was a very good show. One of the best show's I have seen - God Save the Kinks
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