Set Lists

Dave Davies and band
Monday, 9th April, 2018
Ram's Head On Stage, Annapolis, Maryland

Contributed by: Neil Ottenstein

Dennis Diken on drums, David Nolte on bass and keyboards and more

1. Till the End of the Day
2. I Need You
3. Creepin’ Jean.
4. Tired of Waiting for You
5. Susannah’s Still Alive
6. See My Friends (dedicated to Jim Rodford)
7. Flowers in the Rain (audience request, “just a little bit of”)
8. Path is Long (from Open Road)
9. Strangers
10. Too Much On My Mind
11. Young and Innocent Days (dedicated to Ray)
12. This Man He Weeps Tonight (possibly audience request or just right timing)
13. Death of a Clown (with Rebecca joining on stage)
14. Dead End Street
15. Living on a Thin Line
16. All Day and All of the Night
17. I’m Not Like Everybody Else
18. You Really Got Me (with Rebecca joining on stage)
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