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The Kinks
Tuesday, 7th September, 1965
Peacock Theatre, Helsinki, Finland

Contributed by: Thorbjorn Pluten

The Kinks for the first time in Finland, autumn 1965
Myself, I was 14 years old and this was my first rock concert I visited.
After this concert I started to "follow" the group, and still do, thanks to Dave Emlen's website.
There are only a few things I remember of that evening(The Kinks had 2 shows that evening, I attended the first one)
I think the single;Set me free was just realeased?if they played it or not I don't remember.
I had 5 girls on my left side and when The Kinks entered the stage, the girls started to scream, and
the scream ended when the concert was over!!
The other thing I remember was during the song :Got love if you want it,
Ray came from behind in the middle of the song,half running,and made a big jump up to the mic.

(I think The Kinks visited two other cities in Finland at the same time,
Turku-Lahti , but I'm not sure?)

Contributed by: Thorbjörn Pluten

Found out for the Finland, Helsinki Peacock venue The Kinks, on the 7th of Sept in 1965
that support group was a Swedish group with the name of Cherry Stones!
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