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The Kinks
Sunday, 11th August, 1991
Musikforeningen 5-øren, Amager Strandpark, Copenhagen, Denmark

Contributed by: Thorbjorn Pluten

An outside concert in one of Copenhagen's parks :Amager Strandpark(5-ören)on sunday the 11 of August 1991
I think the concert were sponsored by Carlsberg/Tuborg?
Other groups earlier before The Kinks were Malurt, Big Fat Snake and The Scampi Fritty Family.
(we didn't see the other groups at all, only The Kinks)

As it was outside I didn't write any set list, and at the same time, a little bit difficult with a bottle of beer in your hand nearly the whole evening!!!
I think it was round 20 to 30.000 people out that evening seeing The Kinks performing.
(UK Jive tour?)
Anyway songs performed that evening:
Around the dial, Aggravation, Uk Jive, It (You want it), Where have all the good times gone,
Susannah's still alive, Welcome to sleazy town, Death of a clown, Apeman, The hard way, Till the end of the day, Come dancing, Living on a thin line, All day and all of the night, You really got me, Lola, and maybe some more?anyway they ended the evening with Twist and shout
(with a little bit of the song: " I' m singing in the rain " in the middle of the show, as Ray noticed that it was raining for a few minutes)
It was a nice evening
ps. My Norwegian friends saw Ray at Kastrup airport the next day, but they didn't walk 'up' to Ray and thank him for last evenings concert!!

Contributed by: Thorbjorn Pluten

Sunday 11th of August 1991
The Kinks on stage round 20.35-22.15
(Program 14.00pm-22.00pm
Other groups before The Kinks;
Malurt 15.00
Big Fat Snake
The Scampi Fritty Family)

The Kinks
songs performed that evening, not
Uk Jive
Susannah's still alive
Around the dial
Living on a thin line
Welcome to sleazy town
Death of a clown
The hard way
Come dancing
Twist and shout
It(You want it)
(Not in this order)
even a line" I'm singing in the rain"when Ray put his hand out in the air!",
It was raining for a few minutes
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