Set Lists

The Kast Off Kinks
Sunday, 17th November, 2013
Official Kinks Fan Club meeting at The Boston Arms, London, UK

Contributed by: Olga Ruocco

I've never seen such a large turnout for the Konvention. It was quite amazing. Ray turned up for a few minutes, and spoke to us about secret plans for the 50th anniversary next year. Revealing nothing though, as they are secret! He was very high spirited and giggly. He said he had a sore throat, but sang a verse of Acute Schizophrenia Blues for us. Then as he tried to make his escape he was kind enough to sign autographs and pose for photos.

The extended band members obviously have a great affection for one another. It is delightful to see such generosity.

Set List

Ian, Nobby, Mick, Dave Clarke

Skin and Bones
David Watts
Muswell Hillbilly
Sunny Afternoon

Nobby off, Jim on

Gotta Move
See My Friends
DFOF (Mick)
Come Dancing

Mick off, Bob on

Still Searching
Better Things
Somebody Stole My Car

Ian off, Baptist on. Bob off and Mick on, Nobby, Dave Clarke. Ray came on stage to speak to us and sing first verse of

Acute Schizophrenia Blues
God’s Children
Apeman (sung by Mr Gibbons)
Slow Down (Baptist)

Jim, Ian off and Mark on, Mick off Bob on, Dave Clarke

Dead End Street
Stop Your Sobbing (Debi)
Set Me Free
Tired of Waiting (Mark)

Nobby, Mick, Ian, Dave Clarke

Death of a Clown (Shirlie)
Sitting in my Hotel
Autumn Almanac
20th Century Man
Celluloid Heroes
Waterloo Sunset

plus Jim and Mark. Great fun watching Ian and Mark play on the keyboard together

YRGM (Jim)
Louie Louie (Nobby)
a snatch of Old Shep (Dave)
Sweet Little Sixteen
Long Tall Sally
One Night With Me

Alcohol (2nd verse, as we were running out of time)
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