Set Lists

Dave Davies
Saturday, 8th September, 2012
Dave's house, The West Country

Contributed by: Secret Squirrel

One night we also get a tiny bit of Rock and Roll Cities

All Day and All of the Night
[part Visionary Dreamer]
Where Have All the Good Times Gone?
Set Me Free
Tired of Waiting for You
See My Friends
[part One Fine Day and Father Christmas]
Creeping Jean
When I First Saw You [new song]
[part Rats]
Too Much on My Mind
Are You Ready, Girl?
[part Muswell Hillbilly]
[medley of Cockney singalong songs]
Death of a Clown
The Lie
Living on a Thin Line
You Really Got Me
I’m Not like Everybody Else
Flowers in the Rain
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