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The Kinks
Saturday, 19th June, 1993
Open Air 93 Festival, Mølleparken, Ålborg, Denmark

Contributed by: David Liljemark, Sweden

The hard way
Low budget
Sunday afternoon
Over the edge
Til the end of the day
All day and all of the night
Dead end street
Where have all the good times gone
David Watts
Welcome to sleazy town
You really got me

Possibly there was another one or so from "Phobia". The hard way is one of my favourites, but I felt they rushed through it. Loved the gig, though -- especially glad to hear Hatred and Scattered (I had the cd single, but not yet the new album, at the time). Ray tried to get the crowd singing along to "over the edge", but I don't think many knew the song, or heard what he was saying, it flopped, "Ooooooovrth?...????....". Two dancers in bright-coloured wigs appeared during Sleazy town.
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