Set Lists

Ray Davies and Band
Sunday, 31st October, 2010
L'Olympia, Paris, France

Contributed by: Joson

02-This Is Where I Belong
03-I Need You
04-Autumn Almanac
05-Next Door Neighbour
06-Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
08-See My Friends
09-Dead End Street
10-I'm Not like Everybody Else
11-After The Fall
12-Celluloid Heroes
13-Nothing In The World Can stop Me Worrying about that girl
14-Too Much On My Mind
15-The Tourist
16-Band Intro
17-Sunny Afternnon
20-Vietnam Cowboys
21-You Really Got Me
22-Till The End Of The Day
24-Victoria-20Th century Man
25-All Day and All of The Night

Notes : NOT PLAY/ where have all the good times gone
Sunny afternoon after the Tourist

Here's extracts from the concert
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