Set Lists

Ray Davies and Band
Monday, 17th May, 2010
Cliff's Pavillion, Southend, UK

Contributed by: Olga Ruocco

A gig in my neck of the woods for once, and everyone gave him a real right royal Essex welcome.

This Is Where I Belong
I Need You
Autumn Almanac - he inserted "I go to Southend" instead of Blackpool
In a Moment (He was contending with a wobby seat at this point. He told us not to laugh if he fell off. Then added, "But you will laugh")
Sunny Afternoon
See My Friends
Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout That Girl
Too Much On My Mind
Waterloo Sunset
("Monday night in Southend, you can't beat it")
20th Century Man
The Tourist
Vietnam Cowboys
Come Dancing!!!!! (Gemma and Steve from "Come Dancing" were there and so was Gemma's Mum) - Jayne and I dragged Gemma up to dance with us. Sadly we were the only ones to make the move.
Working Man's Cafe
After The Fall
Celluloid Heroes
Set Me Free

He then said "Play the Music" which is his cue to leave the stage. I thought "This is a bit early" - no encores, but we all roared for more and we got


But then (despite a bit of hesitant band gathering at the back door of the stage) there was no further encore. A bit surprising since we were really vociferious. However about 30 mins later Damon bombed out of the stage door and asked me where Westcliff Station he must have been making his way back home by train. As they are only two an hour, and he had to get into and across London, I reckon they cut it short so he could do a Getaway. (Which incidentally Ray seemed to be singing at the soundcheck - heard through a pass door at the theatre).

Nicely, the staff at the Cliffs Pavilion gave all their extra Ray posters and leaflets away at the end of the show.

Later, Ray said he'd forgotten to do David Watts. He claimed that the first part of the show with Bill is sort of set in stone, but the second part is more fluid - and he said he'd be putting other numbers in at the upcoming shows (no idea what though!).
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