Set Lists

Ray Davies, Bill Shanley and The 88
Saturday, 20th March, 2010
Ogden Theatre, Denver, Colorado

Contributed by: Tom Satriano

1. This Is Where I Belong
2. All Day and All of the Night
3. I Need You
4. The Tourist
5. 20th Century Man
6. Two Sisters
7. The Hard Way
8. Apeman
9. Sunny Afternoon
10. In a Moment
11. Victoria
12. See My Friends
13. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
14. Postcard From London
15. A Well Respected Man
16. Nothin' In This World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout That Girl
17. Where Have All the Good Times Gone?
18. Tired of Waiting for You

19. You Really Got Me
20. David Watts
21. Celluloid Heroes
22. Low Budget
23. Lola

(Pretty sure this is all the songs, close to right order!)

Contributed by: Damion Johnston

Without giving away any secrets to whoever gets to see Ray with his current guitarist, Bill Shanley...

You, are, in, for, a, treat.

My friend, Jim, and I were able to get third row at the mostly general admission venue. Someone didn't go down front to claim their seats. Uh, they were then commandeered by us...thanks to Jim.

Anyway, all I can say is that I sure hope that I had brushed my teeth because I had on one of those real-nice perma-grins that you only have when you are experiencing some kind of bliss. Ray was very much "on" in every facet that is Sir Raymond Douglas Davies: Vocals, Guitars, Wit, Story and of course a lil' Camp.

Mr. Bill Shanley, besides the obvious, that you are a fine musician and guitarist, what I appreciated most about you last night was that you played like you belonged there, with Ray. You put yourself out there without holding anything back. Thank you so much for that. You were ravin' fan-freakin'tastic. Without you, it would have only been 1/2 a show. Really.

Okay, I had to say that about Bill Shanley.

Now, back to the show. There were some very nice little gems from the past. Very, very nice. I don't know if he'd performed this one particular song since '67 or '68, but, perhaps I'm thinking of something else ;) and am a bit confused by the whole space-time continuum thing. Wow, where are Doc and Marty when you need that "jigawatt" flux capacitor?

No plates were tossed. Sorry Frank...I am a failure. Heh, well I just didn't have to time with working my 12-hour shift and then driving to recoup my children from all around the west Denver Metro Area, before leaving them at another friends house (My wife was busy teaching her portion of an adoption seminar). Also, I was so surprised when there came a couple silent moments and people were shouting out requests, someone other than myself, shouted out "Shangri-La" I heard the other person, and I had to reiterate the request! Heh, Ray responded to us with: "Seriously?...well, you'll have to get the Choral Collection for that one."

Interestingly, enough, I only remember a single song being played from each: Other People's and Working Man's.

Now, having said what I said earlier about Bill Shanley. I couldn't help but be struck with the irony that is:

Ray vs. Dave
Kinks Ray vs. Solo Ray
Here and Now vs. What We Long For...restoration and redemption and healing

That fantastic show last night, should have been Ray and Dave. Wow. If you could have been there, you would have seen. You'd know.

Let's get back to an irony within the irony, it wasn't Dave and Ray, it was Bill Shanley and Ray Davies. Bill and Ray were incredible, and Bill was not at all trying to be Dave, and I didn't sense that that even mattered. Though, the band that Ray had during the 2006 tour, I thought, was awesome. There was something about it, that felt a bit, like hired hands/guns. Some of that came from Ray, I thought. I don't get the same feeling at all with Ray and Bill...and I think that most of that comes from Bill.

Heh, I hope I'm making sense. One man's opinion: Bill Shanley is a bigger man/guitarist/artist than our wanting Dave to be there. We still want Dave to be there, but it's okay. We're left longing for it, yet we're satisfied.

Cheers, Sorry for Blathering...

Euripides"YouCanGoOutsideAndPolishYourCar"Mac / Damion Johnston
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