Set Lists

Ray Davies, Bill Shanley and The 88
Friday, 12th March, 2010
Palace Theatre, Lorain, Ohio

Contributed by: Dave McPeek

I was at this concert (only five rows back from the stage) and I'm pretty sure this was the setlist. Of note: Ray fell off the front of the stage near the end of the show, which caused much concern--he's not a young man, after all! He climbed back on stage, then went backstage for a moment, but re-appeared soon and seemed no worse for wear!

1. This Is Where I Belong
2. You Really Got Me / I Need You
3. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
4. 'Til The End Of The Day
5. In a Moment
6. Victoria
7. 20th Century Man
8. Autumn Almanac
9. Set Me Free
10. The Tourist
11. Apeman
12. Two Sisters
13. The Hard Way
14. See My Friends
15. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
16. Nothing in this World Can Stop Me Worryin' About that Girl
17. Too Much On My Mind
18. A Well Respected Man
19. Sunny Afternoon
20. Postcards From London
21. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
22. Tired Of Waiting For You
23. All Day And All Of The Night

Encore (with The 88):
24. You Really Got Me
25. David Watts
25. Celluloid Heroes
27. Dead End Street
28. Low Budget
29. Lola
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