Set Lists

Ray Davies, Bill Shanley and The 88
Sunday, 7th March, 2010
Bardavon 1869 Opera House, Poughkeepsie, New York

Contributed by: Brian Hughes

Ray was in fine Storytelling form tonight at this grand old venue. The "Black Book" was trotted out for a few yarns and Ray also alluded to his time in New Orleans with a bit of black humor. And, in acknowledgement of Oscar night, he sang and spoke of some Kinks tunes that have made it to the big and small screen. One highlight among many was a touching rendition of the always touching "Two Sisters", complete with prelude about his relationship with brother Dave. Bill Shanley was awesome as well - while we all surely would prefer to see more Kinks onstage, Bill is quite skilled and artful in his accompaniment - a worthy substitute. And young turks The 88 joined in for some kick-ass Rock & Roll to wrap up the proceedings.

Set List
1) This Is Where I Belong
2) You Really Got Me
3) I Need You
4) Where Have All The Good Times Gone
5) Till The End Of The Day
6) In A Moment
7) Victoria
8) 20th Century Man
9) Autumn Almanac
10) The Tourist
11) Apeman
12) Muswell Hillbilly
13) Two Sisters
14) The Hard Way
15) See My Friends
16) I'm Not Like Everybody Else
17) Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin''Bout That Girl
18) Too Much On My Mind
19) Well Respected Man
20) Father Christmas
21) Sunny Afternoon
22) Postcard From London
23) Tired Of Waiting
24) You Really Got Me (with The 88)
25) Dead End Street (with The 88)
26) Lola (with The 88)
27) Low Budget (with The 88)
28) David Watts (with The 88)
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