Set Lists

Ray Davies, Bill Shanley and The 88
Friday, 5th March, 2010
Scranton Cultural Center, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Contributed by: dave

This is where I belong
You really got me
I Need You
Where have all the good times gone?
Short Song that included Duck sounds from crowd. [Ducks On The Wall -dte] Don't know it, but Ray was cracking up. [Are you sure he wasn't quacking up? -dte]
Till the end of the Day
Harry Rag
In a Moment
Victoria/reading from X-Ray to finish
Short vers. of Better Things
Autumn Almanac
The Tourist
20th Century man
Short Version of Misfits
Ape Man
See My friends
I'm not like everybody else
Nothing in the world can stop me from worrying about that girl
Too much time
Short version of Alcohol
Well respected man
Two Sisters
The Hard Way
Americana, with great story about Kinks early days
Sunny Afternoon
Tired of Waiting
Set me Free
All Day and All Night
The 88 (opening band)come out for You really got me
Low Budget Ray Playing guitar behind his head
Ray was joking with great stories all night
The 88 were perfect openers
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