Set Lists

Ray Davies and Band
Tuesday, 17th November, 2009
The Berklee Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts

Contributed by: Fat Old Uncle Charlie

1. I need you
2. I'm not like everybody else
3. Apeman
4. In a moment
5. Hymn for a new age
6. Waterloo Sunset
7. Dedicated follower of fashion
(including one verse in Johnny Cash style)
8. Morphine song
9. Sunny Afternoon
W/ band
10. Celluloid heroes
11. Till the end of the day
12. Where have all the good times gone
13. After the fall
14. One more time
15. Tourists
16. Victoria
17. Come Dancing
18. Moments
19. 20th Century Man

20. A long way from home
21. The getaway
22. All day and all of the night
23. Low Budget
[faint hint of Starstruck]
24. Lola
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