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The Kinks
Thursday, 26th February, 1987
Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Contributed by: Anonymous

I was not A big Kinks fan until I saw them in this venue. An intimate 2000 or so seat theatre. At this time all the big-time bands were playing hockey or outdoor arenas. I was amazed that a band as big as they were would play a small venue. I just hope somebody sees this and remembers the date or set list or anything. The thing I remember most is that they played like 2 encores and everyone thought the gig was over. I knew there had to be more because the house lights never went up. People started leaving by the side and emergency exits. As th band came back for a another volley, I remeber Ray said something to the effect,"This F******** show aint over. They rocked-out a couple more tunes. It was undoubtedly THE GREATEST show of my life. I have seen probably near a hundred or so concerts by that time. It was #1. Thanks for the memory guys!

[The Kinks played the Tower Theater on February 26 & 27, 1987, and March 26 & 27, 1988,
according to Doug Hinman's book. Before that they played there in 1977 and 1978. -dte]

Contributed by: Ed Durso

This show was indeed special. This was the 1st show of the Think Visual tour. I ususally taped the shows back then, but for some forgotten reason, I didn't. If I recall, I went without a ticket and picked up a great seat in the first 10 rows on the street or at the box office. This was the longest show they had played according to the Sound man who worked the mixing board that night. This was more like a rehearsal for all the songs they had ready to go. This show had to be almost 3 hours long! The shame of it was the the crowd was really not as in-to-it as they should have been.
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