Set Lists

Ray Davies and Band
Sunday, 4th October, 2009
Berns, Stockholm, Sweden

Contributed by: Jan Altsjo

I need you
Autumn Almanac
Waterloo sunset
Dedicated follower of fashion
Sunny afternoon

I'm not like everybody else
Til the end of the day
Where have the good times gone
Well respected man
Vietnam cowboys/Apache
One more time (w/ Karin Forsman)
Working mans café
Come dancing
20th century man
Low Budget
Tired of waiting for you
All day and all of the night

Contributed by: Jerry Helmfrid

Ray with Bill
Ray with band
The setlist

Ray was great. It took him less than a minute to create a great pub atmosphere in the crowded Berns historic main hall all covered with goldleaf and send the chandeliers rocking with the opening B-side "I need you". Supporting Irish guitarist par excellence Bill Shanley was sporting a beautiful red Gretsch Chet Atkins guitar which gave him a very authentic trebly sound very close to what Dave Davies used to put on record for our enjoyment.

The enclosed setlist was full of singalong classics of course but also featured something for us Kinks-nerds - "Moments" - a beautiful and seldom heard ballad from the 1971 film soundtrack album "Percy". Also featured in the setlist were the leading tracks from his current solo albums "Vietnam cowboys" and "The tourist". Inspired by the audience adulations Ray decided to skip "The getaway" in favour of a ripping rendition of "Low budget" dedicated to the British Prime Minister.

After the house lights had come back on the intense whistling and handclapping from the audience finally paid off and prompted Ray to call the band back for an extra encore not on the programme - ell o ell a "Lola".

One note of caution to the sound crew - the band was playing at 120db from the moment they came on. I know this is a desired effect on "I'm not like everybody else" which starts off acoustic and then blows your mind, but this is not a good treatment for delicate songs like "Days" and "Waterloo sunset". It also threatens to kill the communication between audience and artist, which is what Ray Davies is all about. Otherwise a great performance from the supporting band. As Ray put it: "Amazing what you can find on the streets of Stockholm on a sunday afternoon!"
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