Set Lists

Ray Davies and Band (inc. Bill Shanley)
Wednesday, 10th December, 2008
Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, Rhode Island

Contributed by: Dave Emlen

Locksley was the opening band.

(Ray Davies and Bill Shanley)
1. I Need You
2. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
3. Father Christmas
4. Apeman
5. See My Friends
6. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
7. Morphine Song
8. Harry Rag

(Milton joins Ray and Bill onstage)
9. Sunny Afternoon

(Karin comes onstage)
10. The Getaway
11. Dead End Street

(The rest of the band comes onstage)
12. Vietnam Cowboys
13. Celluloid Heroes
14. Working Man's Café
15. The Tourist
16. Shangri-La
17. Misfits (first verse only)
18. Come Dancing

(First encore)
19. Low Budget
20. You Really Got Me

(Srcond encore)
21. Lola
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