Set Lists

Ray Davies and Bill Shanley
Saturday, 19th July, 2008
The Showbox, Seattle, Washington

Contributed by: Tony F

Note, the song order may not be perfect, but it's close. The song list, however, is complete:

I Need You/ Where Have All the Good Times Gone/ After the Fall/ I'm Not Like Everybody Else/ Till the End of the Day/ The Tourist/ Dedicated Follower of Fashion ("an old English folk song")/ Apeman/ Dead End Street/ Sunny Afternoon/ Harry Rag/ Working Man's Cafe/ Morphine Song/ Hymn For a New Age/ See My Friends/ Vietnam Cowboys/ 20th Century Man/ Tired of Waiting/ Set Me Free/ All Day and All of the Night*/ You Really Got Me*/ encore -> Days/ Lola

*these tunes featured members of a local electric band (drums, electric bass, electric guitar) who'd played earlier in the day and left their instruments onstage (presumably by pre-agreement with Ray). As Ray told the introductory story of Dave's distorted guitar sound, these guys quietly took the stage behind him. Then without warning, CRANKED TO ELEVEN, they exploded into "All Day and All of the Night," to the screaming delight of the crowd. So we got a bonus bit of electric rawk from Ray, who was obviously loving it (though he remained on acoustic).

It's the only time I've gotten to see Ray (or any of the Kinks), but I couldn't ask for a more poignant encounter with this rock and roll treasure who's STILL not like everybody else.
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