Set Lists

Ray Davies and Bill Shanley
Friday, 18th July, 2008
Crystal Ballroom, Portland, Oregon

Contributed by: Ziggy

I Need You" / "Where Have All The Good Times Gone" / "Till The End Of The Day" / After The Fall / "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" / "The Tourist" / "Dedicated Follower Of Fashion" / "Dead End Street" / "Sunny Afternoon" /"Workingman's Cafe"/ "Morphine Song" / "Hymn For A New Age" / "Vietnam Cowboy" / "Well Respected Man" / "See My Friend" /"20th Century Man" (Ray dedicated the song to his father) /
"Tired Of Waiting For You" / "Set Me Free" / "All Day And All Of The Night" /
"Days" / Victoria
2nd Encore

Contributed by: Chuck Watson

Ray also performed "Harry Rag" that night, not included in Ziggy's listing.
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