Set Lists

Ray Davies and Bill Shanley
Monday, 14th July, 2008
Jack Singer Concert Hall, Calgary, Alberta

Contributed by: Drew Sarat

Here is the set list:

"I Need You" / "Where Have All The Good Times Gone" / "Till The End Of The Day" / (sorry - can't make out my scrawl here) / "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" / "The Tourist" / "Dedicated Follower Of Fashion" / "Dead End Street" / "Sunny Afternoon" /"Workingman's Cafe"/ "Morphine Song" / "Hymn For A New Age" / "Vietnam Cowboy" / "Well Respected Man" / "See My Friend" /"20th Century Man" (Ray dedicated the song to his father) /
"Tired Of Waiting For You" / "Set Me Free" / "All Day And All Of The Night" /
"Days" / "Lola"

Bill Shanley accompanied on lead guitar and backing/harmony vocals.

The set was virtually identical the next night in Edmonton - including the same stories.

Contributed by: Jon

Upon reviewing the set list that is up for Calgary, "After the Fall" is the song that's missing where it says something like "can't make it out..."

thought that would help!
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