Set Lists

Ray Davies and Bill Shanley
Friday, 11th July, 2008
Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest, Ottawa, Ontario

Contributed by: Dave Bain

First off, it was amazing as usual. This was my 3rd show (+HMV mini show) and I've been waiting to hear him acoustic, Storyteller is my favorite. Now this may be in order but I doubt that it is exactly right. I think I have remembered every song though. Included were a couple rarities.

Everything was acoustic with Bill Shanley except the encore for which a seemingly makeshift band came on

1. Ode to Ottawa (nice little 4 line tidbit)
2. I Need You (this one blew me away, very rare, i think)
3. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
4. Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
5. Till The End Of The Day
6. After The Fall
7. The Tourist
8. Dead End Street
9. Working Man's Cafe
10.Hymn For A New Age (Played Before?)
11.Morphine Song (Finally. First time live I think)
12.Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
13.See My Friends
14.Vietnam Cowboys
15.Tired Of Waiting
16.Set Me Free
17.All Day And All The Night
18.You Really Got Me
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