Kinks songs with lead vocals by Dave Davies

(Let me know if there are any errors or omissions.)

Kinks (deluxe edition)
Beautiful Delilah
Long Tall Shorty
I'm A Lover Not A Fighter
I've Been Driving On Bald Mountain

Kinda Kinks (deluxe edition)
Got My Feet On The Ground
Naggin' Woman
I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
Come On Now
Wait Till The Summer Comes Along

The Kink Kontroversy (deluxe edition)
Milk Cow Blues - Ray and Dave swap lead vocals. Dave gets verses 1 & 3, Ray gets 2.
I Am Free
What's In Store For Me
I'm Not Like Everybody Else

Face To Face (deluxe edition)
Party Line
You're Looking Fine

Live At Kelvin Hall
You're Looking Fine (live)
Come On Now (live)
Milk Cow Blues (live) - Ray and Dave swap lead vocals.

Something Else (deluxe edition)
Death Of A Clown
Love Me Till The Sun Shines
Funny Face
Susannah's Still Alive
Good Luck Charm

Village Green Preservation Society (50th anniversary edition)
Wicked Annabella

Arthur (Or The Decline...) (50th anniversary edition)
Australia - Ray sings most of the lead, but Dave sings bits like "The chance of a lifetime", "No class distinction", etc.
Arthur - Dave sings most of the lead, but Ray sings the bridges, "If only life were easy...". They both sing the chorus.
Dave Davies "solo" album:
This Man He Weeps Tonight
Mindless Child Of Motherhood
Hold My Hand
Do You Wish To Be A Man
Are You Ready
Creeping Jean
I'm Crying
Lincoln County
Mr. Shoemaker's Daughter
Mr. Reporter - there's an earlier recording with Ray singing lead on the deluxe Kink Kontroversy set.
Groovy Movies
There Is No Life Without Love

Lola vs. Powerman... (50th anniversary edition)

Everybody's In Show-Biz (Legacy edition)
You Don't Know My Name
You're Looking Fine (live) - Ray sings the second verse and makes up an extra verse, but Dave sings most of it.
Long Tall Shorty (live)

Preservation Act 1
Here Comes Flash - Dave sings a lot of it, but Ray fades in and finishes singing the verses that Dave started. And Ray sings the bridge, "Once they loved and trusted him...".

Preservation Act 2
Artificial Man - Ray sings most of it, but Dave sings some parts: "Let's build an antiseptic world...", and "Replaced your nose, heart and lungs...".

Soap Opera
(nothing from the original album)
Ordinary People (live) - Dave sings the first verse & chorus, and Ray sings the second verse.

Schoolboys In Disgrace

Sleepless Nights - Ray sings the bridge, "Once I was her lover, it was so good to be...", but Dave sings the rest.

Trust Your Heart

Low Budget

One For The Road

Give The People What They Want

State Of Confusion
Bernadette - Dave sings the verses and choruses, but Ray sings the bridge, "Maybe a famous rock star will fly you away...".

Word Of Mouth
Living On A Thin Line

Think Visual
Rock 'N' Roll Cities
When You Were A Child

The Kinks Live - The Road
Living On A Thin Line

UK Jive
Bright Lights
Perfect Strangers

Did Ya (EP)
Look Through Any Doorway - Dave sings the choruses, Ray sings the verses.

It's Alright (Don't Think About It)
Hatred (A Duet) - Ray and Dave swap lead vocals.
Close To The Wire - Ray sings the first part of the verses, but Dave sings lead on the remainder of the verses and on the chorus and bridge.

To The Bone
Death Of A Clown (live in studio)
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