Review - Dave Davies, September 29, 2001, Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany

Date: September 30, 2001 6:54 AM
From: Stefan Straeter

It was a crowd about 400 people and a good atmosphere. The two-hour concert started up with "Till the end of the day" and "I need you", and I was lucky hearing Kinks songs live again. Dave and his band played numbers like "Death of a clown", "Living on a thin line", "All day and all of the night", "I'm not like everybody else", "Creeping Jean", "Too much on my mind", "Unfinished business", "Tired of waiting", "Picture book" and "Dead end street". "Nothing more to lose" and "See my friends" (it was played very bad, perhaps it sounds better usually) were to me the lowest songs that evening. A nice surprise was a "punky" version of "Father Christmas" !!! as the last song and it was the first concert with Kinks-people without "You really got me"! and I saw everybody in the crowd in unfulfilled expectation.

To resume the evening, I would say that it was nice hearing Kinks songs live again, in a Rock 'n' Roll line up, but you can't compare it with the original Kinks.

Dave is surely a legend of Rock 'n' Roll history as a guitar player, but (to tell the truth), he is no entertainer and a middleclass singer.