Kinks Mishaps - 1965

'Kinks' Keep Popping Up In Life of British Quartet

They have been plagued with all sorts of mishaps and have had more then their share of trouble.

It all started last March on the Kink's tour of Scotland. Ray Davies collapsed during one of their shows. He was brought back to the hotel, but he didn't improve, fans found the hotel and caused all kinds of trouble and then the doctors diagnosed Ray's illness as pneumonia. He was quickly moved to London by train, and the Kinks were forced to cancel the rest of their tour.

The rest of the Kinks also make their way back to London, but only to meet up with more trouble. This time Pete Quaife was the victim. He hadn't been feeling to well "that" day, but come night he decided he wasn't sick enough to stay home and went to the show. He really should have stayed at home. He passed out at the theater, hit his head on the stone floor, and received a cut on the back of his head which required three stitches to close.

During this same period, Dave Davies caught himself the bronchitis bug, which incapacitated him for a while. But for Dave the worst was yet to come.

Toward the end of May the Kinks were playing a date in Cardiff, Wales. Their road manager, Sam Curtis, had come up with what he considered a fabulous idea. He thought "You Really Got Me" should be presented dramatically. So he suggested that Dave dance around and swing his guitar in the air while Mick Avory swung his cymbals in all directions. Unfortunately, Dave stepped back into Mick's drums as Mick was swinging his cymbals. The cymbals made contact with Dave's head. Result: sixteen stitches to close the wound!

The only Kink to escape "disaster" so far is drummer Mick Avory. He'd better knock on wood fast! Also, he'd better keep away from Dave Davies when Dave is swinging his guitar around!

It's been a month since the last Kinks misfortune. Maybe the curse has vanished. Here's hoping it has - the Kinks were doing just fine without it!

Source unknown - intended for comic relief