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Kinks bring down the house at the Garden

True rock and roll moments are rare in today's homogenized music scene, but a classic took place last night at the Boston Garden. Close to 8,000 fans caught a surprise two-song pairing of garage-rock king the Kinks with their New Jersey counterparts, the Smithereens, during WBCN's annual Rock of Boston show.

The Kinks - brothers Ray and Dave Davies - had just finished a stirring acoustic set when a black stage curtain lifted to reveal the fully electric, fully drum-kitted Smithereens. The latter slammed into gear on the coda of the Kinks' "Lola," then mayhem broke loose when they stuck around for the Kinks signature tune, the seminal rock and roll anthem "You Really Got Me."

Ray Davies immediately went into overdrive. He had been coaxed all afternoon by the Smithereens to join forces; and when it finally happened, Davies was magniifcent. He raced across the stage, scissor-kicking like Pete Townshend bellowing out the words with pure, wanton abandon. The crowd was on its feet in complete pandemonium.

Rock and roll just doesn't get any more spontaneous - or better. "What do you say to guys like that who've been around 30 years and can still teach you something about rock and roll?" said Smithereens singe Pat DiNizio afterward. "You have to stand in awe."

Ray and Dave Davies also commanded the stage during their acoustic set, running through a myriad of Kinks tunes such as "Dedicated Follower of Fashion," Apeman", "Alcohol" (as Ray Davies humourously hoisted a beer bottle) and "Celluloid Heroes."

Steve Morse, Boston Globe, November 23, 1991