Kenny writes:
I've been a Kinks fan since my wild and crazy college days.
My favorite Kinks album is Preservation Act II - I really like that Mr. Black,
especially when he sings....

Down with sex and sin,
Down with pot, heroin,
Down with pornography,
Down with lust,
Down with vice lechery and debauchery

We are the new centurians,
Shepherds of the Nations.
We'll keep on our guard
For sin and degradation.
Ee are the national guard
Against filth and depravity,
Perversion and vulgarity,
Keep it clean.

Down with nudity.
Breast that are bare and public hair.
We are here to cleanse humanity
From the man in the raincoat's
Pale faced glare
So sodomites beware.

I visualize a day when people will be free
From evils like perversion and pronography
We'll cast out Satan and we'l set the sinners free,
So people of the nation unite.

Put all the pervs in jail.
Bring back the birch and the cat of nine tails.
Bring back corporal punishment,
Bring back the stocks and the axeman's block.
Let righteousness prevail.

Down with nudity and hard core magazines.
We'll bring religion back
And keep out country clean.
Keep it clean!

While I'll admit that this song didn't get me too many girls (none, in fact - but don't tell anyone :)
it DID prepare me for my true mission in life!

Keep up the good work and God Save the Kink!

Kenny S.

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