Frank Lima's photos from London
May 2007

Frank and Blamo
"Here are the Infamous Crow Twins (Frank Lima aka El-KaBong
and BLAMO) in London at their first meeting!
This is before we drank too much of the old demon alcohol (Chimay) and fell down!


Ian Gibbons and Frank
"Ian Gibbons and Frank Lima backstage at RAH
talking about the trouble they use to get in to together no doubt!


Frank and Floozies  Frank and floozies
"Mr. Flash (Frank Lima) and his Preservation Floozies in London
Jayne, Frank, Olga, Sharon & Alba


Blamo and Frank
"The Crow Twins Blamo & El-KaBong (Frank Lima) get wild in London"


Frank in mouth
"(the word of mouth says I've gone insane...Frank in London)"


Frank and Blamo
"Blamo & FranK get ready for Ray in London with Chimay!"


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