Texas duo "Silver Shoes" with Dave Davies
Houston, Texas, June 11, 1999

John Finnigan with Dave

Maureen Finlon with Dave

We met with Dave at ‘Billy Blues’ in Houston Texas, June 11, 1999. We played a gig earlier that night, so arrived late, and only got to hear about four songs. Dave was playing great, and rocking the house. Maureen and I hung out after the show, drinking beer, and talking to some other ‘Kinks’ fans. A guy told us Dave sang an acoustic version ‘Young and Innocent Days’ earlier in the night. We were sorry we missed it…

Before long Dave came walking out and joined us. When a teenaged boy asked him to sign a copy of his early ‘AFL1-3603’ solo album, Dave laughed and said, “Where did you get that album”? Dave was surprised such a young kid had his vinyl record.

When Maureen was talking to Dave, I took my guitar out of the case. As Dave signed my guitar, he noticed it was a ‘signature series’ James Burton Telecaster. “Ah, old JB”, Dave said, as he checked out my Fender. “How do you like these pick-ups”? He asked me.

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